Can I add an item to my order?
Of course you can! Just write an e-mail to and we will take care of it. Please don't place a new order as combining orders is more complicated and leaves room for error.

Hey there! I just wanted to check back about news for my order.
Waiting is part of the deal with pre-orders. Let's be honest, writing frequently asking what's the status of your order is doesn't speed up anything. We have no reason to let you wait longer than needed. You can find infos about known delays with the items entry in the webstore. Please look up your item in the webstore first before writing an email. Answering emails with questions that could solve themselves is very time consuming. Time we could rather spend packing someones, or even your, order. 

I haven't received a confirmation email for my order.
In most cases the e-mail ended up in the spam folder or due to a typo the e-mail went to nowhere. Easiest way is to log in into your account and check the status of your order. If it's "processing" everything is just fine. If the status is "needs review" the payment wasn't finalized for whatever reasons. This case we will contact you asap and send a new payment link to finalize your order. No further action is neccessary.

You guys charged me full price for 4 installment payments.
Uhm we don't offer installment payments at all. That's a service from Paypal or your credit card provider. Please contact them about your issue.

Where is my order? (polite version)
In general we pack and ship your order as soon as possible. If your order contains a pre-order item it's on hold until said item is ready to get shipped. Sometimes pressing plants delay release dates, longer runtimes by our supplier, cleearance at customs, or even something unexpected like Covid-19 can slow things down. There is no bad will to hold up any order, why should we? If you what's the status of your order please try to help yourself first by checking back your items entry. We update item entries regulary, so it's the best bet to check these first.

Do you got a shop?
Nope, MERCHPIT.COM is a webstore only.

Do you ship worldwide?
Absolutely! If your destination isn't listed please just write an e-mail and we will take care of it.

I'm local! Can I pick up my order?
It's possible. Though, sometimes it could be tough to find a proper appointment. Mailing out a parcel is definitely the way faster option.

I'm looking for a particular item!
Sure, shoot us an e-mail and we try what we can do.

If the record is still shrinkwrapped, can you please open it and put the record outside of the cover for shippig?
Yes, of course. Usually we don't open shrinkwrapped records but if you like to minimize chances for a seam split we can do this for you. Please leave a comment with your order.

What is an outer sleeve?
That's basicly a plastice sleeve for records to keep them protected from dust. For most records that are still shrinkwrapped or their respective labels didn't provide one, we offer the option to add an outer sleeve.

Do you got vinyl of "insert band"?
Let's be honest here, writing this message takes longer then using the webstore's searchfield.